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Security Capability

Security Capability

Our ability to capture new viruses, attacks and ‘hacktivism’ threats automatically. Our ability to secure wireless devices like a fixed site is unique in the market.

Firewall security

Inbuilt Security

Active ICT helps safeguard your personal or business data behind our state-of-the-art Layer 7 Firewall protection app protection.

NBN Network


Ubiquitous connectivity enabling access choices on the type of site (fixed/roaming), bandwidth requirements and SLA

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Different agencies/business units, accesses and geographies all connected via a single common networking infrastructure

Transformation Ready

Transformation Ready

Simplified Network Operating Model and Seamless Fixed/Mobile Connectivity

Remote IPVPN


Remote IPVPN access enables work to be done, wherever you and your team might be. Ideal for WFH teams

Did You Know?

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There is a business hacked every 39 seconds

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In 2018, half a billion personal data records where stolen

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Cybercrime is becoming more profitable than the illegal drug trade

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43% of attacks are aimed at small business

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1 in 3 users will open a phishing email and 12% result in malware infection


We make it simple, providing best solutions

cyber security services
The global cyber threat is evolving continuously; hence cybersecurity becomes a crucial part of a secured enterprise.
Residential telecom
Get high high-speed internet connections for your home with our range of residential internet connection. 
Business Telecom Services
Activ ICT is proud to offer a range of business telecommunication and internet services.



TB Data Cleaned



End Point under Management



M. Site Protect Threats blocked



M. Virus & Malware Blocked



M. Malicious Host Blocked

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