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Many businesses are now reliant on the Internet and Internet based applications to perform their daily operations. All the leading Business Internet Providers around the world are facing an increasing demand for the supply of high bandwidth dedicated Internet connection solutions. Activ ICT small business internet provider is one of the best Business NBN plans in Australia that offers a choice of ADSL over NBN, and high-speed symmetric connection using Fibre to the building.

While Activ has a wide range of security bundles, our business internet plan offering is suitable for the customers requiring cost effective, symmetric high bandwidth permanent Internet access services. We offer a variety of NBN Business plans that are simple and designed to minimise your administration costs and provide a ‘plug and play’ solution into your infrastructure. These plans are designed in a way to serve requirements of Small Business Internet connections.

Our key differentiator is our ability to offer fully Integrated Wireless Back Up Solution to any primary access deployed by us. Traditionally, most companies relied upon a wireless internet as an alternate link to guarantee connectivity during WAN outages without the seamless integration. This alternative, however, doesn’t allow the end user to access native applications, as the wireless internet is not configured to replicate the primary setting. Activ ICT network allows us to configure the backup link to mirror the primary link, ensuring business continuity at all times.

Key Features

  • Choice ADSL or Fibre Access
  • Business grade end to end service level
  • High availability for low risk support for business essential applications
  • Traffic throughput guarantees – Fibre Access
  • Symmetric bandwidth (same bandwidth upstream as downstream) to support modern business applications
  • High speed access bandwidth choices – upto 1 Gbps
  • Rapid Deployment 20-23 working day provisioning for fast paced deployment

Benefits of Activ business Internet services

Geographic Reach icon

Geographic Reach

The range of Activ ICT Internet solutions is available to customers in all capital cities and regional areas (subject to availability of suitable infrastructure)

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Choice of Access

Activ ICT provides best internet services for businesses along with high-speed data access via a number of options – ADSL, NBN, Ethernet, and Fibre to cater for any requirement.

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Resilient and Reliable

Activ ICT has redundant paths within the core of the network ensuring a high level of resilience

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Accessibility and Redundancy

Activ ICT offers a “True Back Up” solution via a seamless secondary connection. This ensures that business has “Always On” link to the mission critical applications

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Clear Bandwidth Backbone Capacity

Activ ICT runs all traffic through Next Generation Firewall, providing the highest clear-bandwidth backbone architecture, which is similar to the one operated by any other Tier 1 provider anywhere in Australia

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Flexible and scalable

Flexibility of bandwidth, scalability and redundancy enable us to keep up with your changing communication requirements. Fibre packages allow you to change the bandwidth online when needed to suit your business requirements

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