Strong connectivity and security in a single package

The challenge of cyberattacks is intensifying, and Cyber Security compliance is becoming challenging for small and medium organizations. According to the reports of The National Cyber Security Center, 58% of the computer breaches occur in small to medium-sized businesses”.

These organizations need to ensure that they follow the recommended safeguards and protocols for their business, along with ensuring high-speed connectivity. Strong connectivity and Cyber Security is what your business needs to achieve the heights of success.

Activ ICT tailored Secure NBN Bundle for small-to-mid-sized organizations. The bundle includes Business NBN Access along with the foundational security solutions. The package will protect your business against vulnerabilities, along with ensuring a strong NBN connectivity at No Charge.

Bundle Options

Package Name Basic Standard Premium
Access Type Business Grade NBN Business Grade NBN Business Grade NBN
Access Speed 50 Mbps / 20Mbps 100Mbps / 40 Mbps 100Mbps / 40 Mbps
Shared Next Generation Firewall YES YES YES
4GB Failover YES YES YES
Alien Vault Storage 2GB 5GB 5GB
Weekly Vulnerability Scan NO NO YES

Find out how our Secure NBN Bundle will help your business

Cost Benefit

Secure NBN Business Bundle pricing is purpose-built and is comparable to the pricing of NBN access only pricing from other Australian providers.

Better visibility and control over threats

Our Next-Generation Firewall service offers greater visibility and control by focusing on all the areas, including the applications, content, users, ports, and protocols, unlike the traditional firewalls.

Web Content Security

The positive security control policies block access to sites and websites that have a higher cyber-security risk. The confidential information of users is hence protected against web-based malware attacks. This allows users to use the web in a productive and safe way.

Asset discovery and vulnerability scanning

The integrated Asset Discovery Tool identifies the assets on your network along with assigning the owners and criticality to your organization. The integrated Vulnerability Scanning Tool then conducts an asset scanning to identify and manage the risks.

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