An Internet Service to build your business to deliver new capabilities

For a modern organization to stay ahead, knowledge and information flow is critical to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Activ ICT is in a unique position to offer the benefits of the powerful, fully integrated, secure private and wireless network. Our IP Solution allows access to world class security, reliability and performance for today’s business applications, without the cost of building and maintaining your own network.

Activ Private Network solutions are a suite of networking services which offer ‘any-to-any’ connectivity between sites, individuals and applications secured behind our Next Generation Firewall. This IP network delivers a quantum leap in the security, reliability, performance, and simplicity required for business and is the foundation for future business innovation.

Our key differentiator is the ability to offer fully Integrated Wireless Back Up Solution to any primary access deployed by us. Traditionally, most companies relied upon a wireless internet as an alternate link to guarantee connectivity during WAN outages without the seamless integration. This alternative, however, doesn’t allow the end user to access native applications, as the wireless internet is not configured to replicate the primary setting. Activ network allows us to configure the backup link to mirror the primary link this ensuring business continuity at all times.

Some of the features of ACTIV Private Network are-

  • A single data connection in each location that carries voice and data
  • Next Generation Firewall built-in intelligence
  • Minimising your investments in networking equipment and set-up costs
  • Built-in security using private network rather than the Internet
  • Wide range of IP solutions to suit individual site needs
  • Automatic wireless failover

Benefits of Activ Private Network

Coverage icon

Breadth of Coverage

Activ ICT extensive coverage means that you can connect all of your offices onto a single network with a single supplier. This is attractive because it simplifies network configuration and allows businesses to centralize applications and IT operations, to deliver cost-efficiencies in managing the network

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Working Together just became easier

Activ ICT integration of the fixed access and wireless access provides a platform which enables you to extend your business operations into the field and easily connect back to your head office, improving the efficiency and productivity of your workforce

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Accessibility and redundancy

Activ ICT offers a “True Back Up” solution via a seamless secondary connection . This ensures that business has “Always On” link to the mission critical applications

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Network you can rely on

Activ ICT continues to invest into the IP Network security which means you can be confident that your business is riding on a highly reliable world class network service provider.

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Cost Effective

With Activ ICT, Australian businesses can access leading edge solutions that were once only cost effective for large enterprises. This family of solutions is designed with flexibility in mind, making it easy to add and remove functionality as your business requirements change

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Flexible and Scalable

Flexibility of bandwidth, scalability, and redundancy enable usto keep up with your changing communication requirements. Fibre packages allow you to change the bandwidth online when needed to suit your business requirements

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