Can Your Business Benefit From a Penetration Test?

With cybercrime breaches, malware and ransomware attacks on a toll in Australia, the IT and Security industry is suffering a bolt. The IT sector has come under a huge threat. While it is a fact that no company is safe from a cyber-attack, penetration tests can become a big source of help in boosting immunity. But, can your business benefit from a penetration test

With malicious activities on the rise, it is necessary to protect your business before you become the next victim in the line. It is a real-time necessity to get your system assessed by an ethical hacker or software engineer to discover the flaws in your security system.

The Ones and Zeros of Penetration Test

The intensity of cyber-attacks has been on the rise ever since. It is essential to understand how this malicious process is rising on such a huge intensity. The IT and Security sector has been shaken to the core with the plethora of advanced cyber attacks that have transgressed the boundaries of space and time. With the evolving tactics and technologies of cybercriminals, it is essential to evolve the assessment strategies too.

Finding the room

Penetration testing gives you the room to analyze your security gaps and flaws. With the help of ethical hackers and software engineers, you can save your organization from a possible future cyber-attack.

Being an ethically simulated and strategic attack against your cyber system helps you assess all the exploitable vulnerabilities by evaluating the system. With this authorized simulated attack, all the weak points of your system that can be exploited by the hackers are assessed and analyzed in detail. The focus is on adding an extra layer of security to your Company’s IT ecosystem.

Evaluating the flaws

It is always essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your security system. With the advanced hacking systems on the rise, you need to have an enhanced knowledge of your system. Any possible flaw can potentially become a huge threat to the Company’s very existence. The complex nature of cyber threats can be decoded and controlled by implementing the results from the pen test.

Implementing the right knowledge

The software engineers or the ethical hackers that you hire for performing the penetrating test use the same knowledge of cyberspace as that of the unethical hackers. They apply the same tools, procure the same procedures, and configure the same strategies. However, the difference lies in ethics. It helps them to locate all the vulnerabilities and fix them with the right kind of knowledge.

Causes of vulnerabilities

There can be several technical and human errors that make your organization’s cyber security system vulnerable.

  • The flaws in the design and development of hardware and software can put your secured data at risk of exposure.
  • The poorly configured system can allow hackers to enter into space and acquire all the essential information
  • Connection with an unsecured network can introduce room for hackers to enter and steal the information.
  • Shared passwords are the easiest way to access someone’s system.

Overcoming the weaknesses

The knowledge of the flaws of your cyber ecosystem can prove extremely beneficial in the long run. Having confidence in your security system is decisive for the uninterrupted functioning of your IT ecosystem.

Aren’t antivirus softwares and firewalls enough for cybersecurity? The answer is No. Hackers intend to exploit the gaps in these commonly used measures and are generally able to bypass them.

Penetration test helps you in exposing any potential weaknesses in your cybersecurity system. The penetration test scope is much wider and includes identifying weaknesses and remodeling the system. In addition, It eliminates all the potential threats by eliminating or fixing the weaknesses.

Penetration test and the Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is the most crucial financial statement for any company, representing assets and liability of the Company. How is a penetration test related to assets and liabilities?

They are strongly correlated in terms of their ability to reduce the chances of occurrence of a huge liability for the Company. A well-structured penetration test can save thousands of dollars and simultaneously give the Company a competitive edge. It’s especially vital for companies that are expanding the use of IT and machine learning systems to more areas, which more than often happen to include finances and operations.

penetration test


One successful cyber breach can turn into a potential threat to your business. You might lose all your assets, resources, clients, or even worse, your whole business. When there is so much at stake, getting regular penetration tests done must be your top priority.

It’s always better to invest wisely in a cybersecurity procedure than to lose everything to a cyber threat.

How can Activ ICT help you?

Activ ICT is a well-recognized cybersecurity company with decades of experience in providing security to different organizations from every kind of possible cyber threat.

We have been successful in giving an edge to all the competitors in the market by providing the best cybersecurity services in all of Australia. Our Company consists of well-experienced experts who work closely with your in-house team and deliver the unparalleled results of the most efficient penetrating tests conducted by them. We understand the risks of a cyber breach and hence, help you to strategically and ethically eliminate any threat. The Company is very strict with its confidential policy, therefore ensuring the complete privacy of its clients.

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