Top Cybersecurity Trends in 2020 That Will Shape the Industry

Top Cybersecurity Trends

The technology is shaping people’s lives in different ways and all of us are more connected than ever. As the technology becomes more advanced, the majority of our activities integrate and we rely more and more on online connectivity. Similarly, industries and markets across the globe are also being governed by central technologies that facilitate operations on a day-to-day basis. On one hand, this offers great accessibility and connectivity, but on the other hand, this also makes the data more vulnerable as it is often available and accessible on multiple online platforms.

While cybersecurity experts use innovative techniques and methods to protect the network and data, cybercriminals also use similar technologies for breaching the network and steal valuable information. And the situation becomes worse when cybercriminals target business organisations to either extort money in exchange for their sensitive data or just steal the information and sell it to the highest bidder. Such threats set trends that as a result control advancements in the field of cybersecurity services.

Here’s a detailed overview of the top cybersecurity trends in 2020.

  1. The Spread of GDPR and CCPA
    Lockdown and COVID-19 outbreak has pushed businesses to come online and stay connected and therefore, their private communication and information always remains at risk. With an increasing number of data breaches through advanced techniques used by cybercriminals, data privacy has become a top priority for businesses. The General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) act along with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are being used as a solid response to privacy breach throughout the world including Australia. These acts ensure that the organisations are aware about the individuals or other organisations who are able to see, use, and share their personal data while maintaining their control on the flow and use of information.
  2. Data Breach and Phishing
    Phishing attacks have been and still are one of the top trends in the modern cybersecurity industry. The majority of verified data breaches happen because of phishing with emails being a primary target. However, phishing is not limited only to emails anymore as cybercriminals are trying to engage users on other platforms as well. Since these are not direct attacks on network and data security and often require human intervention, opting for the services of a penetration testing company in Australia that also provides managed next generation firewalls remains the best possible solution to detect threats in advance and respond accordingly.
  3. Cybersecurity Audits and Insurance
    Cybersecurity audits have become a necessity in today’s highly connected digital environment. The audit analyses every aspect of your business’s online network and communication to assess the current level of security along with its weak points for further improving overall security. Industry leaders in the field of cybersecurity also provide cyber insurance for mitigating risks in the case of a privacy breach or data theft. Such services have become a need of the time as cybercriminals are using more advanced methods such as AI and machine learning for breaking into systems and stealing sensitive information.
  4. Rise of Ransomware and Deepfakes
    In 2019, many private and government institutions including healthcare facilities across the globe were targeted by ransomware from different cybercriminal groups. In some cases, such groups and/or individuals also collaborated for breaching highly secured networks. In addition, the rise of deepfakes on the internet has also raised eyebrows of security experts as some of the popular deepfake videos are of the United States Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Such videos are often developed with the help of AI and machine learning and require immense skill. Although such videos have not been used in any malicious activities till date, but their accuracy and availability poses a big threat to biometric security systems that use facial recognition and similar technologies for authentication.
  5. Sandboxes being Superseded
    Many applications and antiviruses use sandboxes as secure areas for running applications and processes so that it can prevent the malwares present in the app from infecting the whole system. Although sandboxes are quite useful and potent in their own capacity, cybercriminals have developed sophisticated malwares that can bypass sandboxes and affect targeted apps and/or the system. Cybersecurity experts are coming up with advanced algorithms and techniques to counter such activities but rapidly evolving technology and the nature of threats are present a serious challenge in front of them.
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Conclusion: Amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, businesses in regions such as Australia had to make paradigm changes in ways they function. The first and the most important one was that they had to maintain a constant online presence for staying connected with their employees and clients. Although this approach has benefitted them in many ways, but now they also have to protect their entire online network spread across a wide geographical area. In such a situation, being aware of the possible threats to their cybersecurity becomes a must and opting for the services of a trustworthy cybersecurity company in Australia becomes even more significant.

Talking about the cybersecurity services in Australia, Activ ICT is one of the few cybersecurity and audit service providers that offer a wide range of comprehensive IT security services with features such as managed next generation firewalls, live vulnerability management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and penetration testing. Such an inclusive approach is required to ensure that every possible aspect related to your network security is carefully analysed, assessed and looked after, while you can focus on your core business operations.

Why Cloud PBX is Better than Traditional PBX

Pabx Phone System

An Introduction to PBX Phone Systems

PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange which is a private business phone system used within business organisations. PBX allows businesses to seamlessly communicate with their customers and within the organisation. PBX uses a range of communication techniques such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and analogue. However, technological advancements in the communications industry have made analogue obsolete and most PBX systems use VoIP and ISDN due to their extended benefits featuring call transferring, call forwarding, call parking, call recording, etc. A PBX phone system can be installed within an organisation or the business can outsource a hosted PBX. Both have their use cases and pros and cons. However, hosted PBX or Cloud PBX have proven to be quite useful and cost effective than traditional in-house PBX systems in many ways.

Dialing telephone keypad

Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX

Terms ‘hosted PBX’ and ‘cloud PBX’ are used interchangeably as they’re one and the same thing. In a cloud PBX system, the service provider hosts software and hardware required for setting up the network and connects the handsets or desk phones to the whole system. The organisation is provided with a router for connecting phones and an IP-PBX server for managing calls and signalling. Therefore, the business doesn’t have to worry about setting up a whole lot of equipment and devices required for building the network. And not to mention the maintenance costs, IT support, etc. that a business wouldn’t have to even consider as the service provider takes care of those. Such business telecom service providers charge a monthly fee according to the plan and that’s it.

Why Cloud PBX are Better than Traditional PBX

There are many positives to a Cloud PBX that make it far better than hosted PBX, especially for small businesses.

Low Initial and Overall Costs: Cloud PBX have quite low initial costs as the service provider takes care of all the maintenance and support.The business has the right to choose their network quality and upgrade it if they want. Similarly, the business can also choose what features they want in their network. Service providers usually add or remove features as per the necessities and budget of their clients. This in-turn also determines monthly charges of the plan. In addition, opting for a cloud PBX also does not include any expansion costs as no matter how much a business expands it only has to alter its monthly plan and they’re good to go.

Personalized Services: Since cloud PBX plans are quite flexible in nature, businesses also get the benefit of personalized services. Contrary to the in-house PBX where even the smallest of feature upgrades come with additional costs and equipment, cloud PBX allows customers to only opt for the features that they want, which makes it a highly personalized solution. A great deal for small businesses that require unique solutions to their issues.

Remote Working Benefits: Since Cloud PBX does not require physical connections such as LAN for establishing a system, employees can work from almost anywhere and remain connected to the organization and to their customers. This is also a great scenario for businesses that want to achieve a presence in different geographical areas without being physically present. Companies can hire employees from such areas as they have a better understanding of the work culture, consumer behavior, and local laws, and easily expand their operations. In addition, virtual numbers provided by a cloud PBX phone system can be easily cancelled as per the need of the hour.

Safety and Accessibility: Cloud phone systems are easy to access and use. You only have to connect it to a broadband connection and you are all set. PBX service providers also provide network security services that protect your communication regardless of its location. In today’s digital age, securing your communication is important as even a small disclosure of the crucial information can lead to severe losses. Business can opt for security services provided along with cloud PBX services and keep their network protected

Conclusion : Although many large business organisation across the globe use hosted PBX for more control over their operations and security, cloud PBX still remains a preferred choice for small and mid-sized businesses due to a range of benefits. Also, cloud PBX offers great accessibility and freedom considering today’s increasing remote working culture where employees can perform a majority of operations from the safety of their home. Cloud PBX phone systems offered by Active ICT are quite convenient in terms of their daily operation and they offer great flexibility, mobility and security as well. Active ICT provides complete managed security to the system for protecting it from any type of breach and theft. Even in the situation when a business wishes to migrate its current phone system to hosted PBX, Active ICT offers a smooth transition.d looked after.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Regular Cyber Security Audit

The online habits of people across the globe have drastically changed during this whole COVID-19 period. People have started to spend more and more time online. Due to remote working, online communication such as chats and emails have taken over, streaming platforms are witnessing an all-time high traffic, and the number of cashless payments have risen almost everywhere in the world. Such changes clearly reflect our reliance on the internet. In such a scenario, cyber-criminals are always looking for vulnerable connections and IP addresses that they can target.

This situation can become worse if a business network is targeted. And therefore, installing a robust cyber-security system along with periodic cyber-security audits become a must. Before getting into the benefits of cyber-security audits, businesses should first understand its significance and relevance in the current corporate landscape.

The Significance of Cyber-Security Audits

A cyber-security system is quite complex and covers almost every possible of a network. However, its efficacy relies on its capability to evolve according to threats and malicious tactics. Companies and their IT departments are not always equipped with advanced tools and tactics that can successfully evaluate the state of the cyber-security in the network. And worse, they may not even realise and anticipate threats that can bypass their cyber-security. Businesses are often not aware of such aspects as it is also not their job to evaluate the effectiveness of a cyber-security system. Therefore, opting for regular cyber-security audits can provide a clarity and insight onto the current situation of cyber-security.

Cyber Security

Benefits of Cyber-Security Audits for a Business

Getting into the nitty-gritty of how cyber-security audits can help your system, here are a few points worthy of your attention.

  1. Periodic Vs. Regular Cyber-security Audits
    There is a fundamental different between periodic and regular security audits as both allow a business to follow a different approach for network security. Periodic audits are not scheduled as these can be performed according to the changing online environment and needs. However, on the other hand, regular security audits are scheduled and are always pre-planned. Both types of audits have their significance as for instance, a large business organisation can audit 25 percent of its security controls in each quarter, so they can work their way to all the security controls till the end of the year.On the other hand, the same company doing 25 percent audit of security controls in each quarter may need multiple unscheduled audits throughout the year due to evolving cyber-threats, because waiting for a regular audit may result in some kind of data or network breach. Therefore, every business must consult with their service providers to utilise both approaches in the full capacity for maximum security.
  2. Identify the Gaps in Your Defenses
    Cyber-criminals are quite resourceful and you never know how they use the simplest of information against your business. Enterprises owners are often unaware of such factors and their reluctance towards unscheduled security audits can cost them a lot. Companies have to understand that there is lot of planning and effort that goes into strategizing, planning and implementing a solid cyber-security system. And still, they do not know for sure how their security systems are functioning and how effectively they’re tackling threats. Regular and/or periodic audits are there to find out the gaps and/or weak points in your security so that cyber-security experts can fill those gaps and validate your efforts. Such assessment and validation on a regular basis will keep your network protected.
  3. Re-Assessment Benefits
    Even if you have installed a solid cyber-security system and updated your security through regular assessments, you may still not know for sure that the security controls you have implemented will be able to protect your network. New malware algorithms are created and circulated on a daily basis that target established businesses and small but promising enterprises. And therefore, a reassessment of the implemented controls should be done, at least on a bi-weekly basis. For instance, a business has implemented a 2-step authentication for improve security, but the management finds out through security audits that such authentication is being waived for certain employees without any notification, then, they can take necessary measures to prevent such activities. This is precisely the scenario where security audit reassessments are used for finding out the potential risks and prevent any mishaps.

Conclusion : Despite the enhanced security and prevention provided, cyber-security audits are not an absolute solution that will keep evolving and finding out loopholes in security. Here, you have to understand the significance of cyber-security systems along with their limitations. You need to keep upgrading your security system and perform regular cyber-security audits to find weak spots that are always under the radar of cyber-criminals.

Talking about how you can opt for cyber-security and audit services, Activ ICT is one of the few service providers that offer a wide range of managed comprehensive IT security and cyber-security audits. We take care of your network security worries through a 5-steps audit process that start from defining the scope, listing threats, prioritising them, assessing security posture and response. Such an inclusive approach is required to ensure that every possible aspect related to your network security is carefully analysed, assessed and looked after.

Everything You Need to Know about Activ ICT NBN Plan

Australia is currently going through a number of infrastructural changes and National Broadband Network (NBN) is one of them. The NBN will be in-charge of providing high-speed internet connections throughout the country. NBN will also facilitate telephone and internet service providers, so they can provide telephony and internet-related services to for both residential and commercial purposes. And therefore, many telecommunication companies are offering NBN home phone plans and NBN business plans.

NBN is likely to deliver an internet speed of 100 mbps to more than 90 percent of Australian households and businesses. The network is being constructed on a complex web of fibre-optic cables that will connect with wireless and in some cases, satellite services. In urban areas, NBN offers fixed-line connections while people residing in remote areas can access NBN through a satellite dish. Areas that are neither too close to urban areas nor can be considered as remote can access NBN through fixed wireless connections.

Why NBN is being Considered Better than ADSL?

Simply put, the major difference between Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2+ (ADSL2+) and NBN is speed. NBN plans will be available with a projected speed of up to 100 mbps whereas the current ADSL2+ plans offer a maximum speed of only 24 mbps. In addition, NBN also uses a range of broadband technologies such as Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Building (FTTB), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC), etc. Such technologies allow for a sustained speed due to the varied use of technologies for different scenarios and needs.

NBN Plan

How NBN Will Benefit Users?

The internet has become a basic necessity that is going to take care of the majority of our work. Even in today’s COVID-19 scenario, it’s the internet that has kept the world connected and allowed organizations to operate with their employees working remotely. Here’s why there’s so much noise about NBN and how it’s going to benefit users.

  • Improved Internet Connection
    Stronger internet connections result in high-quality video calls, faster streaming, gaming and other online activities. This way, friends and family members can stay connected to each other, no matter the circumstances.
  • Smarter Ways to Work
    In today’s unpleasant scenario where employees have to work from home, stronger internet connections can present new ways to work. Even the most daunting of tasks such as uploading and/or downloading large files becomes as easy as sending and receiving text messages.
  • Improved Healthcare Response
    The quality and output of healthcare response services rely heavily on the quality of internet services, especially in the current scenario. With better internet services, doctors can connect with patients online and conduct routine check-ups through video conferencing and similar communication methods.

Activ ICT NBN –

Activ ICT is a team of dedicated experts with decades of hands-on experienced of cyber-protection measures. The company offers a range of services with a few prominent ones being Telco and cyber-security. Despite the amazing speed of NBN facilitated internet, an unsecure NBN home plan or NBN business plan can jeopardise your privacy. The reason behind that is cyber-criminals are using more intense techniques to breach the security and steal your information. This is specifically true for small and mid-sized business organisations and they need to ensure high-speed connectivity along with a robust security. This is precisely where Activ ICT comes into play with its tailor-made NBN bundles along with top-notch cyber-security solutions for different requirements.

Here’s an overview of Activ ICT NBN bundles available.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Access Type Business Grade NBN Business Grade NBN Business Grade NBN
Access Speed 50 mbps/20 mbps 100 mbps/40 mbps 100 mbps/40 mbps
Shared Next-Gen Firewall Available Available Available
4GB Failover Available Available Available
Alien Vault Storage 2 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Weekly Vulnerability Scan Not Available Not Available Not Available

Here’s how Activ ICT can help your business.

  1. Cost Effective Solution
    Competitive pricing that is purpose-built and is quite affordable as per specific requirements. Therefore, all in all, a cost-effective solution for all types of home and business requirements.
  2. Improved Visibility and Control
    Next generation firewalls offer improved visibility on all types of potential and existing threats on almost every possible aspect such as ports, protocols, application, users, etc. These are far better than traditional firewalls that only keep an eye on inbound and outbound traffic rather than opting for a wholesome security approach.
  3. Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Scanning
    Activ ICT uses specific asset discovery tools that identify your organization’s crucial assets and determining the liability. On the other hand, the vulnerability tool that is integrated into the asset discovery tool, scans the assets and determines the involved risks.

Conclusion: NBN as a network is certainly going to enhance accessibility and connectivity across Australia. However, a high-speed network that facilitates day-to-day requirements of both common people and businesses requires a certain level of security to protect the communication and sensitive personal and organisational data. And therefore, it requires a modern security solution that uses an array of modern tools and techniques to evaluate and protect valuable information.

Activ ICT uses a combination of standard and advanced security methods to ensure that your data stays protected and your security costs don’t skyrocket. Our range of protection systems include Next-Generation Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint protection systems.

Email Security Risks in 2020

Email Security Risks in 2020

Although online communication had already covered the various aspects of inter and intra-organizational communication, it is at an all-time high in 2020 due to COVID-19. The aspect that enterprises and cyber-security companies have to worry about is of cybercrimes that can be committed through this huge interconnected communication network. And above all, email communication is the one that remains at a position of maximum risk as it also contains the most sensitive and significant information about individuals and businesses.

According to reports from Mimecast and year-after-year State of Email Security Reports, 74% Saudi-Arabian businesses and 73% Oil & Gas industry leaders across the globe believe that they are susceptible to an email-borne attack this year. The reason for such believe is that the Oil & Gas industry is one of the major sources of global income generation and they are most likely to be targeted by cyber-criminals.

Here is a detailed assessment of the security risks to email security in 2020.

Email Security Risks
  1. Cloud Susceptibility –Cloud susceptibility or cloud vulnerability constitutes of four different aspects: Misconfiguration, Poor Access Control, Shared Tenancy Vulnerabilities, and Supply-Chain Vulnerabilities. Misconfigurations are the most common vulnerabilities as they are self-inflicted. These often happen because of lack of training and/or understanding. On the other hand, poor access control vulnerabilities happen because of weak authentication and/or authorisation processes. However, shared tenancy vulnerabilities are quite rare due to being complex in nature. Cyber-criminals who are able to determine the software and hardware used in a cloud architecture can take advantage of specific loopholes. Nonetheless, this is not an easy task as it requires an extremely high level of skill to accomplish.Lastly, supply-chain vulnerabilities are also quite rare and sophisticated in nature and are not within the reach of average hackers. Although such attacks are the responsibility of the cloud service providers, in any case, businesses have to ensure that they have a good cyber-insurance that’ll cover the losses in case of any mishap.
  2. Cyber-Threats Backed by AI–AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of a range of email security services and systems. However, at one point where security systems and software use AI for improving their capabilities, the same AI can also enable hackers to bypass security shields and firewalls of your email security. Cyber-criminals can use the machine learning capability of AI in their favour and produce false identities. And not to forget threats such as AI Fuzzing (AIF)and Machine Learning Poisoning (MLP). While AIF allows enterprises to detect and resolve vulnerabilities on their end, it can also enable hackers and cyber-criminals to initiate and automate attacks. High-end machine learning programs are quite capable. So much so that they can understand the pattern of time-delay while typing passwords between each key and estimate the right password. This, however, takes some time, but when it recognises different types of patterns, the email account remains at high risk.
  3. Deep Fake –These are high-quality fake videos and images that are often cultivated with the help of AI-based deep learning. These are weaponised images and videos that can potentially damage a person’s image, affect business relations and even cause them to take erratic business decisions. And this is not it! Deep fake technology can create high-quality fictional images and audio from scratch,making it a severe security threat to the security systems that use voice recognition and facial recognition as their primary methods of authentication and/or authorisation. Along with that, cyber-criminals can also use deep fake to disrupt industrial segments such as media, entertainment, finance and even public elections.And the technology being readily available, anyone from amateur enthusiasts to professional cyber-criminals can make use of it.
  4. Social Engineering Attacks – These are the worst kind of cyber-attacks as most cyber-criminals who use such techniques often rely on their interpersonal communication abilities to talk people out through a trap and extract important information. Social engineering attacks can range from simple bait emails to fear mongering or impersonation to whom the target interacts quite frequently such as a colleague or a bank teller. Apart from baiting, social engineering cyber-attacks can also happen in the form of scareware, pretexting, phishing and spear phishing. And among all, spear phishing has better success rates as professional cyber-criminals spend weeks and even months in planning and executing such attacks.Here is a social engineering attack life cycle that’ll help you better understand its approach and modus operandi.Step (1) Investigation – Identify the target, gather background info, choosing the right methodStep (2) Hook– Engage the target, spin a story/create fear/curiosity, take control of the communicationStep (3) Play–Execute the attack, disrupt the business/ask for ransom

    Step (4) Exit–Achieve the objective, cover tracks/traces of malware, bring the situation to an end

Conclusion: The technology is evolving and the threat of data breach and hacking along with it. Entrepreneurs have to keep in mind that as the technology keeps evolving it will present new avenues for cyber-security services companies so that they can opt for stronger security measures. However, cyber-criminals also use the same technology that will keep the cyber-security service providers on their toes.

Powerful Methods to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Powerful Methods to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Both small and large corporations employ various tools and techniques for operational efficiency, and almost all of those use internet for performing majority of actions. In such a scenario, internet scams and other types of cyber threats such as a virus attack and information theft become imminent. Now, standard security measures such as using a robust anti-virus and encrypted messages are there, but there is only so much that you can do.

After all, you cannot leave everything for the technology to take care of as there are measures that you can opt for to maintain security throughout the processes.

You need to opt for a two-way approach to protect your business from cyber threats.

Standard Security Measures:

  1. Policy Making for Data and Internet Security–Errors made by employees are one of the major causes of data breach as even the experienced employees make mistakes that leave a business prone to security threats. Therefore, making policies that encourage employees to follow certain guidelines helps create a culture of cyber-security. Businesses can also set up workshops where they can teach employees about how to safely surf the internet and avoid malicious websites, unsafe URLs, and other online threats that can potentially result in a data breach.
  2. Monitor the Use of Computer Systems– This refers to maintaining a record of all the computer systems, important software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and implementing policies regarding creating a safe online space. And not to forget, limiting the access of specific terminals only to authorized individuals that must exclude past employees as they can also pose a potential threat to the company data.
  3. Invest in Cyber-Security Insurance–Cyber criminals tirelessly work and always find new ways to steal data. Therefore, opting for a robust cyber security insurance or Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage (CLIC) is a good idea. This may seem like an unnecessary move but in the case of a potential data/access theft, cyber insurance will allow you to mitigate risks better. However, the management should be quite careful while opting for a cyber-security insurance as only a few companies across the globe maintain a clean track record of providing trustworthy services.
Cyber Threats

Advanced Security Measures:

  1. Opt for Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) Services– These are dedicated threat detection and response services that provide round the clock cyber-security monitoring. The services focus on anticipating and bypassing imminent threats rather than providing the post-threat response. Businesses can opt for these services and avoid cyber threats before they hit them. Although many companies offer MTDR services, one cannot be more careful while choosing a service provider as the credibility of the company matters a lot in the field of cyber security.
  2. Secure Your Hardware–In the case of cyber threats, businesses often focus on the online aspect as that is responsible for circulating the majority of cyber threats. However, they overlook the hardware from where the basic protection starts. Many businesses use computer hardware that is fixed to the desk and cannot be de-installed without proper authorisation. This averts the risk of intruders taking away any sensitive materials such as hard drives without being seen.
  3. Data Encryption and Backup–Although businesses readily use Google Drive and Cloud services for storing and accessing the data for everyday use, there must be an offline device or storage system where they store all their important data. Concerned individuals should create data backups to avoid any future mishaps. On the other hand, in the case of sensitive data, there should be another secure terminal or storage system to which only top-level professionals should be given access to.
  4. Use Advanced Anti-Malware and Antivirus Software – Cyber-security experts cannot put more emphasis on using top-notch anti-malware and antivirus software. Often businesses outsource round the clock cyber-security, but ignore the significance of installing important security software on their local terminals. Here’s the thing; while outbound cyber-security services protect your online interactions from external threats, it is an antivirus’s job to protect your systems from internal threats such as prohibiting the use of malicious web sites, links, and hacked USB drives. And not to mention, to protect yourself from advance-level cyber threats, you need to use professional-level software that are industry standard.

Why Activ ICT

Activ ICT is a team of dedicated experts with decades of hands-on knowledge of cyber-protection measures. We use a combination of standard and advanced security methods to ensure that your data stays protected and business continuity is achieved. Our range of protection systems include Next-Generation Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint protection systems.

Conclusion: The modern corporate runs on the internet and no matter how safe you think your business is, there is always one cybercriminal or a competitor who is trying to let your business down by hook or by crook. Therefore, opting for appropriate cyber-security measures on all levels becomes a must. However, instinctively installing security terminals and outsourcing cyber-security services is also not advised as the security should always be placed strategically to increase operational efficiency and save costs. And for that, consulting a cyber-security analyst is always a better choice than acting according to the popular opinions and trends.

What is Cloud PBX + 9 Reasons to Switch

What is Cloud PBX and 9 reasons

Modern SMBs and large companies are moving to networked communications because they are more agile and more flexible when it is time to collaborate and delivering better customer experiences. These solutions are usually very low maintenance and they can interlink with other cloud-based tools to deliver a seamless experience across the organisation.

Cloud hosted PBX systems is a VoIP delivering merged communications without the requirement for physical phone system. This deployment cost significantly less and has a level of flexibility that can’t be matched by many other VoIP like SIP and traditional communications alternatives like ISDN.

What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX, as the name suggests, is entirely built in a cloud environment to offer server access via an internet connection. As a result, companies which use hosted or cloud PBX systems will not need to have a dedicated server to possess web-based telephony in their workplaces. Hosted PBX is a great way for companies to save space and money because traditional servers to get a private branch exchange are expensive and will occupy a great deal of room.

It’s important to be aware that traditional PBX has gained a reputation for being complicated and clunky, which is why cloud-based systems are gaining popularity. Modern virtual PBX solutions are reputable and provide a stable business phone system via the internet.

Let's take a look at 9 reasons to think about upgrading your present system to a digital phone solution.

  1. Quick and Inexpensive Set-up
    If you’re going to be going with a conventional remedy, you can expect a greater cost as you’re going to be paying for costly hardware setup and upkeep. Having a cloud hosted PBX solution, each of the hardware is hosted by the provider, so it’s a simple matter of having headsets aligned with the support.Activ ICT can place most businesses in the cloud just in a day, meaning your team will be up and running very fast.Having a conventional PBX supplier, you are going to need to pay for the service in addition to the upfront cost of renting and maintaining the hardware and desk telephones. Cloud PBX can save you up to 60 percent as compared to traditional on-premise PBX, particularly if you are multi-sited.
  2. Scalability
    Scalability is a substantial reason to switch to your cloud. Providers charge their customers for the quantity of bandwidth that they use. This is a perfect situation for companies which are in flux because adding users or subtracting users is a simple procedure that ensures you only pay for what you use.Prices increase as you scale up, but you will never end up paying for more than you use.
  3. Increased Collaboration
    Hosted Telephony enables better collaboration across your entire company. Various teams can chat, call and do see each other face to face. It removes silo mentality and opens up a new dimension of working.
  4. Call Center Characteristics
    Unified communications add incredible value when your business needs to serve your customers anytime, anywhere. With additional features like call queuing, IVR, reporting, and in-call management attributes, you can provide a much better experience for your customers.
  5. Mobile/Device Friendly
    With remote working in full swing, manyemployees have smartphone apps for the two iOS and Android that enable for cloud PBX features, even on smartphones that have private numbers.Many mobile programs allow attendees to gain access to the full package of features from their mobile devices. This is a perfect way for in-transit lovers to feel completely prepared, even if they don’t have their computers. Because this is internet-based, attendees may also sidestep call fees by employing local intenet to attend meetings and calls.
  6. Automatic Software Updates
    Hosted PABX enables your PABX supplier to forget about the software updates and maintenance. Together with servers being off-premise, your third party vendor will not need to worry about keeping equipment current.Upgrades save both time and money and permit your organization to run more efficiently. Without any software upgrade worries, your team will be free to concentrate on your business goals.
  7. Uptime & SLA Guarantee
    With multiple redundantservers, and hosting the communications for a variety of organizations, the prevalence of downtime is reduced significantly. This is particularly true for those hosted PBX solutions that have redundant network architecture or automated failover routing.This is very useful when natural disasters or other types of events occur in a server location. The application from the supplier will automatically route calls to a different server so that users won’t experience downtime or note there was a problem in any way.
  8. Remote Access
    With cloud PBX, you can access your PABX anywhere you are. Remote access gives you more flexibility with working hours or after hours.Remote access also stores all your programming in the cloud. With Hosted PABX, managed by Activ ICT, you don’t need to rely on physical PABX. It saves you ground area and also ensures your PABX is secure and immediately accessible from anywhere you are.
  9. No Need for Physical Hardware
    If you are likely to go with normal PBX, then you’re likely to need to purchase or rent PBX cabinets that hold the host architecture that you’ll have to make internet-based calls. With cloud hosted PBX systems you would negate the need for this by getting the server system be dispersed in a number of geographic locations (managed by service suppliers ).

So, how can we help?

Activ ICT is a provider which has an all-inclusive offering that offers access to telephone logs, instant messaging, call recording, conferencing, digital numbers, and even fax. These attributes are rolled into a single price and is at a fraction of the cost as compared to using multiple providers for Telephony and Internet Service.

In addition, we can offer fully managed security across the organization that could ensure your business is protected regardless of where your staff is working from.

Talk to one of our Hosted Telephony Expert Today

Can Your Business Benefit From a Penetration Test?


With cybercrime breaches, malware and ransomware attacks on a toll in Australia, the IT and Security industry is suffering a bolt. The IT sector has come under a huge threat. While it is a fact that no company is safe from a cyber-attack, penetration tests can become a big source of help in boosting immunity. But, can your business benefit from a penetration test

With malicious activities on the rise, it is necessary to protect your business before you become the next victim in the line. It is a real-time necessity to get your system assessed by an ethical hacker or software engineer to discover the flaws in your security system.

The Ones and Zeros of Penetration Test

The intensity of cyber-attacks has been on the rise ever since. It is essential to understand how this malicious process is rising on such a huge intensity. The IT and Security sector has been shaken to the core with the plethora of advanced cyber attacks that have transgressed the boundaries of space and time. With the evolving tactics and technologies of cybercriminals, it is essential to evolve the assessment strategies too.

Finding the room

Penetration testing gives you the room to analyze your security gaps and flaws. With the help of ethical hackers and software engineers, you can save your organization from a possible future cyber-attack.

Being an ethically simulated and strategic attack against your cyber system helps you assess all the exploitable vulnerabilities by evaluating the system. With this authorized simulated attack, all the weak points of your system that can be exploited by the hackers are assessed and analyzed in detail. The focus is on adding an extra layer of security to your Company’s IT ecosystem.

Evaluating the flaws

It is always essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your security system. With the advanced hacking systems on the rise, you need to have an enhanced knowledge of your system. Any possible flaw can potentially become a huge threat to the Company’s very existence. The complex nature of cyber threats can be decoded and controlled by implementing the results from the pen test.

Implementing the right knowledge

The software engineers or the ethical hackers that you hire for performing the penetrating test use the same knowledge of cyberspace as that of the unethical hackers. They apply the same tools, procure the same procedures, and configure the same strategies. However, the difference lies in ethics. It helps them to locate all the vulnerabilities and fix them with the right kind of knowledge.

Causes of vulnerabilities

There can be several technical and human errors that make your organization’s cyber security system vulnerable.

  • The flaws in the design and development of hardware and software can put your secured data at risk of exposure.
  • The poorly configured system can allow hackers to enter into space and acquire all the essential information
  • Connection with an unsecured network can introduce room for hackers to enter and steal the information.
  • Shared passwords are the easiest way to access someone’s system.

Overcoming the weaknesses

The knowledge of the flaws of your cyber ecosystem can prove extremely beneficial in the long run. Having confidence in your security system is decisive for the uninterrupted functioning of your IT ecosystem.

Aren’t antivirus softwares and firewalls enough for cybersecurity? The answer is No. Hackers intend to exploit the gaps in these commonly used measures and are generally able to bypass them.

Penetration test helps you in exposing any potential weaknesses in your cybersecurity system. The penetration test scope is much wider and includes identifying weaknesses and remodeling the system. In addition, It eliminates all the potential threats by eliminating or fixing the weaknesses.

Penetration test and the Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is the most crucial financial statement for any company, representing assets and liability of the Company. How is a penetration test related to assets and liabilities?

They are strongly correlated in terms of their ability to reduce the chances of occurrence of a huge liability for the Company. A well-structured penetration test can save thousands of dollars and simultaneously give the Company a competitive edge. It’s especially vital for companies that are expanding the use of IT and machine learning systems to more areas, which more than often happen to include finances and operations.

Penetration Test


One successful cyber breach can turn into a potential threat to your business. You might lose all your assets, resources, clients, or even worse, your whole business. When there is so much at stake, getting regular penetration tests done must be your top priority.

It’s always better to invest wisely in a cybersecurity procedure than to lose everything to a cyber threat.

How can Activ ICT help you?

Activ ICT is a well-recognized cybersecurity company with decades of experience in providing security to different organizations from every kind of possible cyber threat.

We have been successful in giving an edge to all the competitors in the market by providing the best cybersecurity services in all of Australia. Our Company consists of well-experienced experts who work closely with your in-house team and deliver the unparalleled results of the most efficient penetrating tests conducted by them. We understand the risks of a cyber breach and hence, help you to strategically and ethically eliminate any threat. The Company is very strict with its confidential policy, therefore ensuring the complete privacy of its clients.

How Frequently Do You Need A Cybersecurity Audit?

Cybersecurity Audit

Do you want to protect your business by identifying all the vulnerabilities so that it can be secured? Know how cybersecurity audit can be of a great help

With an ever-increasing landscape of cyber threats, it is essential to have all the necessary precautions beforehand. With the rising complexities of cyberspace, your organization might become vulnerable to possible data leak or data theft. It brings into light the prominence and efficacy of your cybersecurity system. Having an updated and efficient cybersecurity system by conducting a regular cybersecurity audit is no longer a choice but has rather become an obligation. Regular checks are necessary to ensure the efficiency of your cybersecurity system.

A cybersecurity audit helps to mitigate all the consequences of a possible breach. It assures that your Company takes guided steps to protect clients as well as your organization’s data. Thus it becomes decisive to have regular cybersecurity for your Company’s safety. But the question is, how often do you need a cybersecurity audit?

It depends on several factors that you must consider before getting a cybersecurity assessment. No organization and its requirements are the same. You must assess certain factors depending upon the concerns of your organization.

Foremost Factors To Examine Before A Cybersecurity Audit

It hardly matters if you are a small or relatively big organization. If you have entered cyberspace, you are prone to any cyber attack. A recent shocking report states that 29 Billion dollars are the estimated cost of Cyber Crimes to Australian businesses (regardless of size).

It comes in the form of a disaster for an organization, which might put everything on stake. So, it becomes mandatory to have the necessary security precautions. Let’s examine the factors you need to consider before a Cybersecurity audit.

Cybersecurity Audit

Compliance with PCI DSS

PCI DSS applies certain standards to be followed by organizations that deal with payment card transactions. It is not just a set of restrictions but instead is an ongoing process that allows companies to continually evaluate their information security policies, protocols, and practices. It involves timely security assessment reports by the organization.

Understanding the necessity of it, it has become law now. If you fail to comply with the PCI DSS regulations, a fine of up to 2.1 million dollars can be imposed on you under the Australian Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.

The first and foremost factor that you need to consider is to check the required frequency of audits you must conduct, which is recommended by the payment card company you have an alliance with. Failure to which might lead to-

  • A heavy fine, as mentioned above
  • Identity theft of all your clients and customers
  • Crashing down your website

Earmark a Budget

Security assessments and evaluation audits are nothing to be ignored anymore. With the increased rate of cyber crimes that might put the whole of your organization and its reputation at stake, it is better to invest in the fool-proof security measures. You can’t afford to lose everything in one bolt.

A cybersecurity audit is an extensive yet crucially valuable process that requires time as well as money. While you appropriate your budget, you must place it on the top of your priority list. But, if you have limited resources, you can conduct it either quarterly or half-yearly.

Change in your Company's hardware or software system

Any change in your organization’s hardware or software system might create certain possible gaps. It can provide room for several cybersecurity breaches.

In such a situation, it becomes a must to clear those gaps and re-secure your security system. With even the slightest change in the system settings, your entire system becomes vulnerable to a potential cyber threat.

Vulnerability scans become pivotal whenever you expand your system, fix a bug, stabilize a broken link, change your platform vendor, incorporate with a new entity, etc. In such cases, you can’t rely on your existing security system. You might newly get exposed to the so-called bad guys in cyberspace. Your entire system can become accessible to them, which they can use maliciously against your organization.

Thus, it is always better to get a cybersecurity assessment done to ensure your system’s safety.

Cybersecurity Audit

Pen-test: Yes or No?

When you are done with implementing all safety and security measures, you might need an extra layer of protection. Pen-test helps you to be confident about your existing security system. While conducting a pen-test, the ethical hackers use the same tools and procedures as that of an unethical hacker and try to look for the loopholes and gaps in your security system.

Once all the possible loopholes are exposed, essential steps are taken to remodel them. It is one of the best ways to look for any possible entry points in your system and exposing them. But, it must be conducted when you are done with all your software security measures. It is an evaluatory test of those measures.

While various compliance standards strictly ask for a pen-test to be conducted timely. In other cases, it might depend upon the Company’s budget and requirements.


If you compare the expense, loss of reputation, data breach, and all the catastrophic outcomes of a cybersecurity breach, the time and resources to carry out timely cybersecurity audits will become enormously favorable.

How Can Activ Ict Assist You?

Activ ICT is a leading name in the field of cyber security. From the initial assessment of your Company to remodeling your IT system, Activ ICT covers all spheres of cyberspace. Our industry-leading practices and data-driven approach coupled with machine learning and AI, Activ ICT conducts a 360-degree evaluation of your Company’s IT system to provide you a comprehensive evaluation of your Company’s security.

How ActivICT is Helping Organizations Prioritize Cybersecurity

29 June Prioritise Cyber Security

Organizations have to realize that cybersecurity is not just an IT function, but is something to be given utmost importance. It helps you secure your gold – Data. Hackers can get their hands on sophisticated technologies and are easily crawling their way into networks that most organizations think are secure. On top of this, the ongoing work-from-home scenario and the shift to the BYOD model make it even more complicated for organizations to secure their data.

Cyber Threat Scope

The scope of cyber threats is limitless. The impact is monumental and you will not realize this until it strikes you. What is visible to the naked eye is the economic impact of losing corporate data such as account details, theft of money, inability to carry out trading to name a few. But behind the veil, you have several other impacts whose consequences are even more gruesome. Your reputation goes for a toss, which can lead to a loss of future customers and sales. A client may legally sue you if their data has been breached. Thus, it becomes crucial for organizations to secure their data and network through the help of a cyber-security provider.

One such provider is ActivICT, an Australian-based cybersecurity and telecom company that has been at the forefront of cybersecurity services for many years now. It is protecting the data of several organizations from potential threats. For years, ActivICT has been helping its customers by offering cybersecurity consulting solutions to help their businesses manage security protocols round the clock.

Cyber Security

Services of ActivICT

  • Managed Next-Generation Firewall
    While most companies opt for traditional firewalls for threat detection, the need of the hour is to adopt a next-generation firewall that has advanced capabilities to protect you from futuristic threats. ActivICT’s third-generation firewall technology helps you do that. It empowers organizations with better control and visibility over cyber threats.
  • Managed Threat Detection and Response
    Activ ICT provides real-time monitoring of your entire network through its Managed Threat Detection and Response service. It carefully gathers data in real-time from all the systems and devices in your network. It instantly notifies of any abnormalities in the data collected, warning you of any breach. By combining with the Firewall services through an API service, it stops the attack right at the entrance of your network.
  • Site Protect
    Most organizations work with various third-party vendors and contractors who need access to your network to work with an application. This, in turn, can open up a massive hole in your internal corporate system leading to breaches. To prevent this catastrophic situation, ActivICT helps you by installing Application Delivery Controllers in between the application and the firewall, making it impossible to penetrate your network.
  • Cyber Security Audit
    Apart from being a best practice, a cybersecurity audit is critical to comply with global standards such as ISO 27001:2013. ActivICT’s cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive review of the security of your network through a 5 step process:

    1. Defining The Scope
    2. Listing The Threats
    3. Prioritizing And Scoring
    4. Security Posture Assessment
    5. Response And Action
  • Live Vulnerability Management
    This service of ActivICT continually assesses risks and manages the vulnerabilities keeping every endpoint in your organization protected 24/7 throughout the year. It detects any forms of configuration issues instantly and rectifies these issues in a transparent stepwise process.
  • Penetration Testing
    In this service, the experts of ActivICT will test the strength of your network against cyber-attacks by finding any potential loopholes that could be targeted by attackers. Regular automated penetration testing can help an organization build goodwill with their client, indicating the efforts they are putting into keeping the client’s data safe.
  • SIEM
    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an advanced software service of ActivICT that carries out advanced threat detection and identifies issues in your network effortlessly by always collecting event logs from several devices in the network. It reduces the need for a security solution expert as it does most of their work on its own including the spotting, tracking, recording, and analyzing of the security events.


The impact of a security breach not only affects your organization financially, but it also damages the reputation with your client that you have built over the years. However, many global companies now realize cybersecurity is not just a luxury, but a necessity in this day and age. These organizations have started to invest in cybersecurity service providers, like Activ ICT, that aim to work on strengthening the cybersecurity position of their business.