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What is a Cyber Security Audit?

A Cyber Security Audit is a one day Consultancy Service that offers a high-level cyber review of an enterprise and its IT estate. The audit identifies the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that an organization faces.

The well-functioning of an enterprise is determined through various factors out of which one important factor is effective and secured cyber network of the organization. That is why it is necessary for all businesses to adopt frequent cyber security audits to access and analyze the effectiveness of its IT infrastructure.

Activ ICT is one of the leading providers of cyber security audits in Australia. Our cyber audit team protects customers from network security threats and intrusions by providing them the facility of network security audit.

Why is Cyber Audit Important?

  • A Cyber Security Audit is vital to comply with the standards such as ISO 27001:2013, 10 Steps to Cyber Security and Cyber Essentials.
  • A Security Audit in Cyber security is one of the best practice policies that provide an annual external security review process along with an assurance to the investors, clients, and board.
  • According to a recent PWC report, investments in Cyber Security help in building customer relationships.
  • Third-Party cyber audits are better than the self-audits as they bring in essential insights like generating a cyber-security audit checklist and alike actions that are related to the overall defense system of an organization to manage cyber-attacks. Information security audit services includes all the security policies, solutions, and programs deployed in an enterprise.

Our Cyber Audit Process

Our Cyber Audit is carried out with a 5-step process:

Step 1: Scope definition
The scope of the cyber audit is defined clearly. This may include the managed, unmanaged devices.

Step 2: Listing the threats
Once the scope of audit is decided, a list of potential threats is prepared. Some of the common threats included in the list are- malware, malicious insiders, breaches and DDoS attacks.

Step 3: Prioritization and scoring
The potential threats are prioritized and scored on the measures including – Cyber security services & trends, Industry trends, compliance and organization history.

Step 4: Security posture assessment
The security posture is assessed considering the initial scope definition. At this step it is ensured that there are no biases affecting the audit.

Step 5: Response and action
Based on the information obtained from the above steps, necessary actions or responses are determined. These may include network monitoring, software updates, education and updates and data backups.

Why Activ ICT’s Cyber Security Audit Services?

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We offer high-level Cyber Security Audits with valuable insights, including the risk factors, potential data leakages to make sure your business activities are safe and secure.

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Our Cyber Security auditors provide a comprehensive summary of the Cyber Security risks without any disruption in the business

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Our Cyber Security Audit Services use an integrated approach to enhance the security of an organization, utilizing all the tools essential for compliance.

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