Everything You Need to Know about Activ ICT NBN Plan

Australia is currently going through a number of infrastructural changes and National Broadband Network (NBN) is one of them. The NBN will be in-charge of providing high-speed internet connections throughout the country. NBN will also facilitate telephone and internet service providers, so they can provide telephony and internet-related services to for both residential and commercial purposes. And therefore, many telecommunication companies are offering NBN home phone plans and NBN business plans.

NBN is likely to deliver an internet speed of 100 mbps to more than 90 percent of Australian households and businesses. The network is being constructed on a complex web of fibre-optic cables that will connect with wireless and in some cases, satellite services. In urban areas, NBN offers fixed-line connections while people residing in remote areas can access NBN through a satellite dish. Areas that are neither too close to urban areas nor can be considered as remote can access NBN through fixed wireless connections.

Why NBN is being Considered Better than ADSL?

Simply put, the major difference between Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2+ (ADSL2+) and NBN is speed. NBN plans will be available with a projected speed of up to 100 mbps whereas the current ADSL2+ plans offer a maximum speed of only 24 mbps. In addition, NBN also uses a range of broadband technologies such as Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Building (FTTB), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC), etc. Such technologies allow for a sustained speed due to the varied use of technologies for different scenarios and needs.

NBN Plan

How NBN Will Benefit Users?

The internet has become a basic necessity that is going to take care of the majority of our work. Even in today’s COVID-19 scenario, it’s the internet that has kept the world connected and allowed organizations to operate with their employees working remotely. Here’s why there’s so much noise about NBN and how it’s going to benefit users.

  • Improved Internet Connection
    Stronger internet connections result in high-quality video calls, faster streaming, gaming and other online activities. This way, friends and family members can stay connected to each other, no matter the circumstances.
  • Smarter Ways to Work
    In today’s unpleasant scenario where employees have to work from home, stronger internet connections can present new ways to work. Even the most daunting of tasks such as uploading and/or downloading large files becomes as easy as sending and receiving text messages.
  • Improved Healthcare Response
    The quality and output of healthcare response services rely heavily on the quality of internet services, especially in the current scenario. With better internet services, doctors can connect with patients online and conduct routine check-ups through video conferencing and similar communication methods.

Activ ICT NBN –

Activ ICT is a team of dedicated experts with decades of hands-on experienced of cyber-protection measures. The company offers a range of services with a few prominent ones being Telco and cyber-security. Despite the amazing speed of NBN facilitated internet, an unsecure NBN home plan or NBN business plan can jeopardise your privacy. The reason behind that is cyber-criminals are using more intense techniques to breach the security and steal your information. This is specifically true for small and mid-sized business organisations and they need to ensure high-speed connectivity along with a robust security. This is precisely where Activ ICT comes into play with its tailor-made NBN bundles along with top-notch cyber-security solutions for different requirements.

Here’s an overview of Activ ICT NBN bundles available.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Access Type Business Grade NBN Business Grade NBN Business Grade NBN
Access Speed 50 mbps/20 mbps 100 mbps/40 mbps 100 mbps/40 mbps
Shared Next-Gen Firewall Available Available Available
4GB Failover Available Available Available
Alien Vault Storage 2 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Weekly Vulnerability Scan Not Available Not Available Not Available

Here’s how Activ ICT can help your business.

  1. Cost Effective Solution
    Competitive pricing that is purpose-built and is quite affordable as per specific requirements. Therefore, all in all, a cost-effective solution for all types of home and business requirements.
  2. Improved Visibility and Control
    Next generation firewalls offer improved visibility on all types of potential and existing threats on almost every possible aspect such as ports, protocols, application, users, etc. These are far better than traditional firewalls that only keep an eye on inbound and outbound traffic rather than opting for a wholesome security approach.
  3. Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Scanning
    Activ ICT uses specific asset discovery tools that identify your organization’s crucial assets and determining the liability. On the other hand, the vulnerability tool that is integrated into the asset discovery tool, scans the assets and determines the involved risks.

Conclusion: NBN as a network is certainly going to enhance accessibility and connectivity across Australia. However, a high-speed network that facilitates day-to-day requirements of both common people and businesses requires a certain level of security to protect the communication and sensitive personal and organisational data. And therefore, it requires a modern security solution that uses an array of modern tools and techniques to evaluate and protect valuable information.

Activ ICT uses a combination of standard and advanced security methods to ensure that your data stays protected and your security costs don’t skyrocket. Our range of protection systems include Next-Generation Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint protection systems.

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