How ActivICT is Helping Organizations Prioritize Cybersecurity

Organizations have to realize that cybersecurity is not just an IT function, but is something to be given utmost importance. It helps you secure your gold – Data. Hackers can get their hands on sophisticated technologies and are easily crawling their way into networks that most organizations think are secure. On top of this, the ongoing work-from-home scenario and the shift to the BYOD model make it even more complicated for organizations to secure their data.

Cyber Threat Scope

The scope of cyber threats is limitless. The impact is monumental and you will not realize this until it strikes you. What is visible to the naked eye is the economic impact of losing corporate data such as account details, theft of money, inability to carry out trading to name a few. But behind the veil, you have several other impacts whose consequences are even more gruesome. Your reputation goes for a toss, which can lead to a loss of future customers and sales. A client may legally sue you if their data has been breached. Thus, it becomes crucial for organizations to secure their data and network through the help of a cyber-security provider.

One such provider is ActivICT, an Australian-based cybersecurity and telecom company that has been at the forefront of cybersecurity services for many years now. It is protecting the data of several organizations from potential threats. For years, ActivICT has been helping its customers by offering cybersecurity consulting solutions to help their businesses manage security protocols round the clock.

Services of ActivICT

  • Managed Next-Generation Firewall
    While most companies opt for traditional firewalls for threat detection, the need of the hour is to adopt a next-generation firewall that has advanced capabilities to protect you from futuristic threats. ActivICT’s third-generation firewall technology helps you do that. It empowers organizations with better control and visibility over cyber threats.
  • Managed Threat Detection and Response
    Activ ICT provides real-time monitoring of your entire network through its Managed Threat Detection and Response service. It carefully gathers data in real-time from all the systems and devices in your network. It instantly notifies of any abnormalities in the data collected, warning you of any breach. By combining with the Firewall services through an API service, it stops the attack right at the entrance of your network.
  • Site Protect
    Most organizations work with various third-party vendors and contractors who need access to your network to work with an application. This, in turn, can open up a massive hole in your internal corporate system leading to breaches. To prevent this catastrophic situation, ActivICT helps you by installing Application Delivery Controllers in between the application and the firewall, making it impossible to penetrate your network.
  • Cyber Security Audit
    Apart from being a best practice, a cybersecurity audit is critical to comply with global standards such as ISO 27001:2013. ActivICT’s cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive review of the security of your network through a 5 step process:

    1. Defining The Scope
    2. Listing The Threats
    3. Prioritizing And Scoring
    4. Security Posture Assessment
    5. Response And Action
  • Live Vulnerability Management
    This service of ActivICT continually assesses risks and manages the vulnerabilities keeping every endpoint in your organization protected 24/7 throughout the year. It detects any forms of configuration issues instantly and rectifies these issues in a transparent stepwise process.
  • Penetration Testing
    In this service, the experts of ActivICT will test the strength of your network against cyber-attacks by finding any potential loopholes that could be targeted by attackers. Regular automated penetration testing can help an organization build goodwill with their client, indicating the efforts they are putting into keeping the client’s data safe.
  • SIEM
    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an advanced software service of ActivICT that carries out advanced threat detection and identifies issues in your network effortlessly by always collecting event logs from several devices in the network. It reduces the need for a security solution expert as it does most of their work on its own including the spotting, tracking, recording, and analyzing of the security events.


The impact of a security breach not only affects your organization financially, but it also damages the reputation with your client that you have built over the years. However, many global companies now realize cybersecurity is not just a luxury, but a necessity in this day and age. These organizations have started to invest in cybersecurity service providers, like Activ ICT, that aim to work on strengthening the cybersecurity position of their business.

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