How Frequently Do You Need A Cybersecurity Audit?

Do you want to protect your business by identifying all the vulnerabilities so that it can be secured? Know how cybersecurity audit can be of a great help

With an ever-increasing landscape of cyber threats, it is essential to have all the necessary precautions beforehand. With the rising complexities of cyberspace, your organization might become vulnerable to possible data leak or data theft. It brings into light the prominence and efficacy of your cybersecurity system. Having an updated and efficient cybersecurity system by conducting a regular cybersecurity audit is no longer a choice but has rather become an obligation. Regular checks are necessary to ensure the efficiency of your cybersecurity system.

A cybersecurity audit helps to mitigate all the consequences of a possible breach. It assures that your Company takes guided steps to protect clients as well as your organization’s data. Thus it becomes decisive to have regular cybersecurity for your Company’s safety. But the question is, how often do you need a cybersecurity audit?

It depends on several factors that you must consider before getting a cybersecurity assessment. No organization and its requirements are the same. You must assess certain factors depending upon the concerns of your organization.

Foremost Factors To Examine Before A Cybersecurity Audit

It hardly matters if you are a small or relatively big organization. If you have entered cyberspace, you are prone to any cyber attack. A recent shocking report states that 29 Billion dollars are the estimated cost of Cyber Crimes to Australian businesses (regardless of size).

It comes in the form of a disaster for an organization, which might put everything on stake. So, it becomes mandatory to have the necessary security precautions. Let’s examine the factors you need to consider before a Cybersecurity audit.

Compliance with PCI DSS

PCI DSS applies certain standards to be followed by organizations that deal with payment card transactions. It is not just a set of restrictions but instead is an ongoing process that allows companies to continually evaluate their information security policies, protocols, and practices. It involves timely security assessment reports by the organization.

Understanding the necessity of it, it has become law now. If you fail to comply with the PCI DSS regulations, a fine of up to 2.1 million dollars can be imposed on you under the Australian Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.

The first and foremost factor that you need to consider is to check the required frequency of audits you must conduct, which is recommended by the payment card company you have an alliance with. Failure to which might lead to-

  • A heavy fine, as mentioned above
  • Identity theft of all your clients and customers
  • Crashing down your website

Earmark a Budget

Security assessments and evaluation audits are nothing to be ignored anymore. With the increased rate of cyber crimes that might put the whole of your organization and its reputation at stake, it is better to invest in the fool-proof security measures. You can’t afford to lose everything in one bolt.

A cybersecurity audit is an extensive yet crucially valuable process that requires time as well as money. While you appropriate your budget, you must place it on the top of your priority list. But, if you have limited resources, you can conduct it either quarterly or half-yearly.

Change in your Company's hardware or software system

Any change in your organization’s hardware or software system might create certain possible gaps. It can provide room for several cybersecurity breaches.

In such a situation, it becomes a must to clear those gaps and re-secure your security system. With even the slightest change in the system settings, your entire system becomes vulnerable to a potential cyber threat.

Vulnerability scans become pivotal whenever you expand your system, fix a bug, stabilize a broken link, change your platform vendor, incorporate with a new entity, etc. In such cases, you can’t rely on your existing security system. You might newly get exposed to the so-called bad guys in cyberspace. Your entire system can become accessible to them, which they can use maliciously against your organization.

Thus, it is always better to get a cybersecurity assessment done to ensure your system’s safety.

Pen-test: Yes or No?

When you are done with implementing all safety and security measures, you might need an extra layer of protection. Pen-test helps you to be confident about your existing security system. While conducting a pen-test, the ethical hackers use the same tools and procedures as that of an unethical hacker and try to look for the loopholes and gaps in your security system.

Once all the possible loopholes are exposed, essential steps are taken to remodel them. It is one of the best ways to look for any possible entry points in your system and exposing them. But, it must be conducted when you are done with all your software security measures. It is an evaluatory test of those measures.

While various compliance standards strictly ask for a pen-test to be conducted timely. In other cases, it might depend upon the Company’s budget and requirements.


If you compare the expense, loss of reputation, data breach, and all the catastrophic outcomes of a cybersecurity breach, the time and resources to carry out timely cybersecurity audits will become enormously favorable.

How Can Activ Ict Assist You?

Activ ICT is a leading name in the field of cyber security. From the initial assessment of your Company to remodeling your IT system, Activ ICT covers all spheres of cyberspace. Our industry-leading practices and data-driven approach coupled with machine learning and AI, Activ ICT conducts a 360-degree evaluation of your Company’s IT system to provide you a comprehensive evaluation of your Company’s security.

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