Monitor your business continuously with Live Vulnerability Management

Live Vulnerability Management system is a process of constant risk assessment and management of vulnerabilities to keep your device protected 24x7x365. Live Vulnerability Management services helps businesses by instantly detecting the configuration mistakes and vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified along with a step-by step-guide to rectify the system.

Live Vulnerability Management is more powerful than Network Vulnerability Assessment.

Activ ICT helps in protecting the organizations from security vulnerabilities by offering Live Vulnerability Management systems and software.

Live Vulnerability Management Benefits

It Differs from “Network Vulnerability Assessments” by providing these additional protections:

  • Live Vulnerability Management Services includes constantly monitoring and sending the data of the organization for a better management and reporting.
  • It is a low footprint agent on the device that does not needs to struggle with firewalls that may harm the important information.
  • There is no external scanning in Live Vulnerability Management Systems as it is done in a local server and it is also AWS and Azure safe.
  • It provides the workflows, risk and remediation reports for resolving the key issues quickly unlike the lengthy and complex reports that of a vulnerability assessment.
  • 24x7x365 notifications about the vulnerabilities that may harm a protected device along with detecting the configuration issues related to security.

Importance of Live Vulnerability Management

Organizations need an active Vulnerability Management scanning rather than a passive scanning. There is a crucial need of an active vulnerability scanning that gives an actionable view of an enterprise’s risk posture. Organizations often fall in a trap believing that passive scanning is an effective tool for continuous monitoring.

This belief is, however false, a passive form of scanning includes several false positives that only provide more noise rather than actual monitoring. This leads to a new approach to Live Vulnerability management.

How will Activ ICT help you?

  • Real-Time Dashboard to view the Live status of your managed assets.
  • Log in to the “console” to view the state of each asset, produce reports and view remediation details.
  • Compliance reports generated at the request or through “console.”
  • Advice on what is urgent and what can wait until patch Tuesday, this is important to know whether you need to act hastily or not.
  • Access to pay as you need pricing per asset.
  • Daily reports on vulnerabilities and remediation process to rectify issues.
  • The ability to provide consultancy skills to assist in complicated or scheduled changes to maintain acceptable risk levels.
  • Agent for Windows, Mac and Unix.
  • Local Scan Server for other devices.

Adaptive Security Approach of Live Vulnerability Management

Adaptive security is an effective approach to cyber security that analyzes the events and behaviors to prevent and adapt the threats before they actually occur. Live vulnerability management uses an adaptive security architecture with which an enterprise can not only continuously assess the risk and provide effective enforcement.

This approach was introduced with Nexpose that is a dynamic automated workflow approach that offers between-vulnerability-scan visibility to the changes that occur in a network in real-time. This type of security also provides useful, actionable insights on the impact of the risks on the organization.

The dynamic data collection is possible because of the Nexpose integration with VMWare and DHCP that are asset sources. This integration helps in identifying a new asset in the network. An automated action workflow allows an instant scanning of the newly joined assets. The asset is then immediately added to the report without any other additional deployment.

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