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Gain better control and visibility over threats with our best Managed Next-Generation Firewall

A Cyber Attack lasting only seconds is powerful enough to ruin your businesses hard-won reputation built after years of hard work.

Activ ICT’s Managed Next-Generation Firewall service helps businesses by providing advanced security against cyber intrusions. We involve the best versions of next generation firewalls in our system that can deeply inspect and identify malwares in the applications.

The Data Breach Reporting Laws are now mandatory in Australia, and companies are now required to restrict the opportunities related to data breaches. If a company fails to act as per the law, then they will face the penalties, fines of $1.8 million for business, and $360,000 for individuals.

Is it worth taking this huge risk?

Next-Generation Firewall

Traditional Firewalls are a security tool for most businesses; however, in a threat rich cyber landscape, it is only the Managed Next Generation Firewall service that can offer a next level of protection. Next Generation Firewalls include both the advanced versions of traditional firewalls and are part of the third generation of firewall technology. The Managed next generation firewalls help in detecting threat and protecting sensitive data of the organizations.

A traditional Firewall only offers a stateful inspection of both the incoming and outgoing network traffic but a managed Next Generation Firewall system comprises of additional features for better protection. These features include application awareness and control, cloud-delivered threat intelligence, and integrated intrusion prevention.

How We’ll Make Your Business Faster & Safer

Activ ICT is a leading Cyber Security Services provider. Since years we have been helping businesses manage the security threats. It is a great move to switch to a Next-Generation Firewall in response to security vulnerabilities that may even lead to loss of your client data and the company’s critical data. NGFW will power your network security with functions and features.

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Our experts specialize in delivering the best Cyber Security services to some of the leading companies in the world.

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Masters in NGFW Technology

Activ ICT Managed Firewall Service chooses Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewalls for building a complete integrated threat protection solution.

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Complete Visibility

Activ ICT uses Managed Threat Detection, Analysis, and Response for monitoring the entire platform. Using the data and logs from devices across the network, it builds a baseline of the system.

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Customer Satisfaction is our prime motto. Our hardworking team ensures that our clients are not left unsatisfied at any point in our security journey.

Features of Next Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewall combine multiple capabilities of traditional firewalls:

The Next-Generation Firewall Service includes capability of detecting and blocking complex attacks by security policies enforced at protocol, port, and application level.

Activ ICT Managed Next generation Firewall Security Services are designed to provide a superior level of security while also getting access to products normally cost-prohibitive and complex for most companies to deploy.

With data breach reporting laws in Australia now mandatory, the option to ‘do nothing’ is no longer available. Companies must now make an effort to restrict the opportunity for data breaches.

The Managed next generation firewalls of Activ ICT is one of the most secured and reliable firewalls adopted by several businesses in Australia.

Activ ICT Managed Next-Generation Firewall service allows businesses to enable modern applications safely.

Benefits of Next Generation Firewalls

The Next-Generation Firewall security is 10X times better for your business than the traditional firewall. Next-Generation Firewall has advanced malware detection capabilities that protect a system against unknown threats.

In the case of a traditional firewall, businesses needed to buy multiple solutions from multiple vendors. With Next-Generation Firewall, enterprises get an integrated solution that is less complex and functions smoothly to better spot and stop the threats.

With Next-Generation Firewall, businesses can reduce the number of manual tasks using automated security features and integration. This also helps in improving the remediation speed. The security policies can also be managed centrally.

Traditional firewalls comprise of blind spots, Next-Generation Firewall, on the other hand, has high-level visibility across the network traffic to detect threats. This level of control allows businesses to see and control the applications that are being across the network.

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