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The copper cable telephony network will be replaced with that of Fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network. FTTN is one of the options for providing cable telecommunication services to several locations. FTTN uses a common network box or a node to provide the data services and broadband connections. NBN is a wholesale open-access data network project in Australia. The rationale of this project is to replace the copper cable telephony network. It is giving the Aussies a number of benefits.

The users need to select the provider for the services over the NBN network and select the plan according to their needs. Home NBN Plans are an excellent option for comfortable streaming at home since it offers fast internet speed with high quality downloading.  The provider coordinates with NBN Co Ltd to install the service.

Activ ICT is one of the NBN network providers in Australia. Our team assists the customers in selecting and installing the best suitable Home NBN plan out of the available wide range of plans.

NBN uses a multi-technology mix, and the type of technology used for the connection depends on the location of the user.

Technologies used in NBN

NBN uses multiple technologies to deliver the best network services.

  1. Fiber to the Node
  2. Fiber to the Premises
  3. Long Term Satellite Service
  4. Fiber to Node
  5. Fixed Wireless

Benefits of NBN

NBN is a great opportunity for Australians to access the best class internet connection.

  • NBN offers an advantage of speedier connections that let users enjoy high-quality video calls with friends, family and business partners without any call drops.
  • NBN home phone plans makes online studies and work from home much easier. The large size files can be downloaded and uploaded easily in a matter of seconds.
  • NBN delivers a speed of up to 25Mbps/5Mbps*

How can Activ ICT help you?

  • The wide range of benefits offered by NBN are, however, not available everywhere. But don’t worry, Activ ICT will help you install your NBN network.
  • We have a wide range of NBN plans with different speeds and prices. You can choose the plan according to your needs.
  • Activ ICT offers value bundles, including the unlimited local and national calls or calls to mobiles with no lock-in contracts.

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