Go Beyond regular vulnerability scanning with our professional Penetration testing Services

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a test that simulates a cyberattack, particularly for testing the cybersecurity posture of an enterprise. The ‘Pen Test’ determines how real are the vulnerabilities present in an infrastructure.

Penetration Testing services provide a form of art of exploiting the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a network or an application. It is very different from that of a vulnerability scan conducted in a network.

In order to keep the applications and network of the business secured, all enterprise require the services of a Penetration Testing Company.

We at Activ ICT focus on providing best Penetration Testing Services that helps in determining and keeping a track at how efficient systems and apps are responding to a real attack.

Regular and proper Penetration testing practices help the company to comply with the mandatory industry standards and regulations including –FISMA, HIPAA, PCI and ISO 2700.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

None of the companies are secured fully, but when robust security measures and regular basis testing come together, high-level security can be ensured. Penetration Testing process offers a large number of benefits to businesses.

An automated Penetration Testing determines the vulnerabilities and risks that are present in the target environment. The testing involves high order risk evaluation for categorizing vulnerabilities as- High/Medium/Low.

A regular Penetration Testing service ensures that the clients and partners are protected further building confidence and trust in the business.

Why Activ ICT for Penetration Testing?

  • Our experts work proactively in identifying the loopholes that are often missed or overlooked and give way to hackers to enter your system.
  • Our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the vulnerabilities, along with recommending how attacks can be blocked before they harm your system.
  • We offer the simple and informative reports that with a list of vulnerabilities using an automated penetration tool. The vulnerabilities identified can then be addressed by the team.
  • The solutions offered by our team are tailored and consistent with the approach you follow.
  • We offer our clients customized penetration tests based on the needs and environment of the organization. We assess the current state of the organization’s security including the network, applications and systems.
  • Our years of experience and pool of experts help us in responding to sophisticated threats.

Types of Penetration testing

    1. Network Service Tests
      This is a type of pen test that that discovers the gaps or vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of client. A network can have external and internal access points and hence it becomes essential to run a test at the client site remotely from an outer world.
    2. Web Application Tests
      This type of test is a more targeted form of test that is also more detailed and intense. This type of scope tests includes areas like browsers, web applications, plug ins, scriptlets.
    3. Client Side Tests
      The goal of this type of pen test is to point out the threats that occur locally. An example to this can be an error in a software application that runs on the user workstation and can be easily exploited by the hackers.
    4. Wireless Network Tests
      This pent test aims at analyzing the wireless devices of the client’s site. These devices include the laptops, tablets, smart phone, notebooks etc.
    5. Social Engineering Tests
      This type of test is an essential penetration testing part. It establishes the way to verify the human network in an organization. This pen test is useful as it imitate the breaches that can be attempted by the employees of the organization.