Powerful Methods to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Powerful Methods to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Both small and large corporations employ various tools and techniques for operational efficiency, and almost all of those use internet for performing majority of actions. In such a scenario, internet scams and other types of cyber threats such as a virus attack and information theft become imminent. Now, standard security measures such as using a robust anti-virus and encrypted messages are there, but there is only so much that you can do.

After all, you cannot leave everything for the technology to take care of as there are measures that you can opt for to maintain security throughout the processes.

You need to opt for a two-way approach to protect your business from cyber threats.

Standard Security Measures:

  1. Policy Making for Data and Internet Security–Errors made by employees are one of the major causes of data breach as even the experienced employees make mistakes that leave a business prone to security threats. Therefore, making policies that encourage employees to follow certain guidelines helps create a culture of cyber-security. Businesses can also set up workshops where they can teach employees about how to safely surf the internet and avoid malicious websites, unsafe URLs, and other online threats that can potentially result in a data breach.
  2. Monitor the Use of Computer Systems– This refers to maintaining a record of all the computer systems, important software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and implementing policies regarding creating a safe online space. And not to forget, limiting the access of specific terminals only to authorized individuals that must exclude past employees as they can also pose a potential threat to the company data.
  3. Invest in Cyber-Security Insurance–Cyber criminals tirelessly work and always find new ways to steal data. Therefore, opting for a robust cyber security insurance or Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage (CLIC) is a good idea. This may seem like an unnecessary move but in the case of a potential data/access theft, cyber insurance will allow you to mitigate risks better. However, the management should be quite careful while opting for a cyber-security insurance as only a few companies across the globe maintain a clean track record of providing trustworthy services.
Cyber Threats

Advanced Security Measures:

  1. Opt for Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) Services– These are dedicated threat detection and response services that provide round the clock cyber-security monitoring. The services focus on anticipating and bypassing imminent threats rather than providing the post-threat response. Businesses can opt for these services and avoid cyber threats before they hit them. Although many companies offer MTDR services, one cannot be more careful while choosing a service provider as the credibility of the company matters a lot in the field of cyber security.
  2. Secure Your Hardware–In the case of cyber threats, businesses often focus on the online aspect as that is responsible for circulating the majority of cyber threats. However, they overlook the hardware from where the basic protection starts. Many businesses use computer hardware that is fixed to the desk and cannot be de-installed without proper authorisation. This averts the risk of intruders taking away any sensitive materials such as hard drives without being seen.
  3. Data Encryption and Backup–Although businesses readily use Google Drive and Cloud services for storing and accessing the data for everyday use, there must be an offline device or storage system where they store all their important data. Concerned individuals should create data backups to avoid any future mishaps. On the other hand, in the case of sensitive data, there should be another secure terminal or storage system to which only top-level professionals should be given access to.
  4. Use Advanced Anti-Malware and Antivirus Software – Cyber-security experts cannot put more emphasis on using top-notch anti-malware and antivirus software. Often businesses outsource round the clock cyber-security, but ignore the significance of installing important security software on their local terminals. Here’s the thing; while outbound cyber-security services protect your online interactions from external threats, it is an antivirus’s job to protect your systems from internal threats such as prohibiting the use of malicious web sites, links, and hacked USB drives. And not to mention, to protect yourself from advance-level cyber threats, you need to use professional-level software that are industry standard.

Why Activ ICT

Activ ICT is a team of dedicated experts with decades of hands-on knowledge of cyber-protection measures. We use a combination of standard and advanced security methods to ensure that your data stays protected and business continuity is achieved. Our range of protection systems include Next-Generation Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint protection systems.

Conclusion: The modern corporate runs on the internet and no matter how safe you think your business is, there is always one cybercriminal or a competitor who is trying to let your business down by hook or by crook. Therefore, opting for appropriate cyber-security measures on all levels becomes a must. However, instinctively installing security terminals and outsourcing cyber-security services is also not advised as the security should always be placed strategically to increase operational efficiency and save costs. And for that, consulting a cyber-security analyst is always a better choice than acting according to the popular opinions and trends.

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