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Get high high-speed internet connections and residential telecom services with our range of residential services. We partner with the leading players like NBN, OptiCom, and LBNCO to offer you world-class home telecommunication services.

Residential Services



Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as the IP Telephony, is a technology that uses LAN (Local Area Network) for making or receiving phone calls in real-time.



NBN is a wholesale open-access data network project in Australia. The rationale of this project is to replace the copper cable telephony network.



Activ ICT offers a complete range of high-speed fiber plans utilizing the LBNCO’s high-speed network. With the support of LBNCO’s infrastructure, we ensure that customers get the best of the speed they are paying for.



OPTICOMM is a private alternative to NBN (National Broadband Network) that is owned by the government. NBN is a fiber cable network and is rented out to telecommunication providers, including Activ ICT.

What makes Activ ICT unique?

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Exciting offers

Activ ICT has a range of exciting offers that meet the needs of residential customers at affordable prices.

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High-speed connections

Our connection are strong enough to support all your needs, including a world-class streaming and 99.9% uptime.

Partnerships with leaders

Partnerships with leaders

Activ ICT partners with the leaders like NBN,LBNCO and OPTIOCOMM to deliver a lightning speed internet connection to homes.

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Easy installation

Our experts will ensure that the deployment process is hassle-free with minimal disruptions.

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24X7 customer support

Our customer support team will be available 24×7 in case there is any connectivity issue.

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Full customer satisfaction

We ensure that are customers are fully satisfied with our home network services with regular customer feedback.

Best Internet Connections for your Home

A world-class internet in your homes is now a necessity. It is as important as the essential services like electricity and water. Customers, however, face problems with getting a high-speed network connection across their homes. Regardless of the size and shape of your building, Activ ICT has some of the best solutions to make your gaming, communication, entertainment, and information sharing an outstanding one.

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