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What is SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a software solution used for spotting, tracking, recording, and analyzing the security events that occur in a real-time IT environment. It offers a comprehensive and centralized view of the company’s IT infrastructure. SIEM uses Security Operations Center (SOC), a centralized unit dealing with security issues.

Traditionally SIEM’s were built with proprietary software; they were expensive, huge, and were provisioned with custom hardware to manage a large amount of data. Things have, however, changed now, SIEM software has evolved and has become lightweight, agile and smarter than before.

Next-generation SIEM software solutions are equipped with a modern infrastructure that are more affordable and also easy to implement.

The modern SIEM software designed by SIEM Management Company offers the advantage of big data storage along with unlimited scalability and better performance.

With the new age, SIEM administrators do not have to face the pressure of making the architectural changes and calculate sizing every time the volume of data grows. The SIEM storage now becomes dynamically with an increase in the data volumes.

Activ ICT SIEM Security Services provide Managed SIEM services that help organizations in leveraging the advantage of this powerful platform that includes impeccable automation and analytics capabilities.

Benefits of SIEM

The SIEM providers make sure that their SIEM system offers several benefits to an enterprise, including the following:

  • SIEM system collects event logs from several devices across a network and makes it easier for experts to identify the issues easily. It improves the reporting processes across the network.
  • With the help of SIEM services the impact of a security breach on an enterprise is reduced. The IT staff gets a quick response from the software that can be used for reducing the damage and financial cost of a breach.
  • The software also reduces the dependency on expert security professionals that can be both expensive and time consuming for an enterprise.
  • SIEM software solutions offer real-time monitoring of the investigations, compliance, and events using a central dashboard that enables better comprehensive control and security management.

Why Choose Activ ICT?

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Activ ICT’s SIEM experts have years of experience in delivering the best SIEM services to clients as per their expectations.

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Our experts will build a personalized security environment to protect against Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). APT is a term used for an attack campaign that mines sensitive data.

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Activ ICT’s incorporate all the industry-leading features, including – business intelligence, machine learning, incidence reports, and log analysis.

Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM service is an alternative to the on-site deployment of the SIEM Software Solutions. In this alternative, organizations use a third party for hosting the SIEM applications on their servers, along with monitoring the potential security threats accords the company network.

How SIEM works?

SIEM software gathers all the log data that is generated across the technology infrastructure of an enterprise, including the host systems, security devices and applications, antivirus filters and firewalls.

The SIEM software then goes on with identifying, categorizing, and analyzing the events and incidents. The software delivers the two major objectives –

(a) providing reports on security-related events that include important information such as failed and successful logins along with other malware and malicious activities.

The SIEM software then sends the alerts based on the analysis and alarms against a potential security issue. SIEM monitoring and reporting is also essential to meet mandates, including:

  • HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Why choose Managed SIEM services?

Managed SIEM services are chosen by organizations in case they want to deploy SIEM faster, along with reducing the training costs and using the expertise of Cyber Security experts. It offers several strategic benefits, including:

Managed SIEM software solution providers have specialized Cyber Security expertise that is extremely beneficial for enhancing the IT security of an organization.

The SIEM Management Company dealing in Managed SIEM services are connected to experts within the industry, including the security technology vendors. This helps in improving access to resources and expertise required for detecting and managing the latest threats.

The experience we, at Activ ICT have gained by providing SIEM services to a number of clients has made us more aware updated of the recent and evolving threats which help us understand and manage today’s threats even better.

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