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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as the IP Telephony is a technology that uses LAN (Local Area Network) for making or receiving the phone calls in a real-time.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a group of technologies used for delivering multimedia sessions and voice communication over the IP networks like the Internet.

Over the years, the manner of voice signal transmission has evolved significantly. There were the times when simple point-to-point connections were used between the devices. The concept then evolved, and the concept of switching came into the play. Switching enabled the call routing to several devices with the help of an operator to switch and connect to a call.

The evolution continued; the digital circuits were then started to be used for an automated switching function. Making or receiving calls became easier for users than ever before. With the introduction of VoIP, there was a complete transformation in voice transmission over the long distances.

With VoIP the voice was firstly encoded into the digital signals that were then transmitted over the internet. The receiver hears the sender’s voice when the encoded signals and decoded.

Benefits of Activ ICT’s Residential VoIP

  • The features like voicemails, 3- way calling, call waiting, and caller ID comes in VoIP without increasing the monthly phone bill.
  • These services are best for people who work from home.
  • Making an international call with a traditional phone company is a bit expensive. VoIP advent is however making it easier for customers to call across the world at lower costs.
  • Activ ICT is the best residential VoIP provider in Australia. Customers like us because of our reliable hassle-free voice home phone services.

Millions of customers have already switched to VoIP phones for home use, and the number is growing continuously.

Residential VoIP

VoIP offers service for homes which can be termed as VoIP Home phone service. It is considered as a best option for home phone system since it is less expensive and far better than the traditional landline phones. The VoIP Home Phone system has already transformed the households by replacing the traditional home telephone system. There are some consumers who still do not have any idea about the advantages of a VoIP phone system for home over the landlines. The consumers do not have knowledge about this technology and their landlines are serving them well so far.

VoIP Home Phone vs Landline Home Phone Service

Ditching the traditional home phone systems and moving to a VoIP Home phone service with a leading residential VoIP provider like Activ ICT will be both easier and effective.

Once you get to know about the numerous differences between the basic home phone system and VoIP home phones, then we are sure that you will think about going smarter with the best VoIP for home phone system.

VoIP phones for home use is the best way to consolidate networking and calling at the same place using your existing internet connection. With the help of residential VoIP phone system providers consumer can now use their current landline number for making and receiving their calls with ease.

This should, however, not be a concern because residential VoIP providers will help in keeping the old landline numbers in VoIP phones for home use using the Mobile Portability feature.

Go Smart with our VoIP Home phone!

Activ ICT offers the best VoIP for Home phone system and is therefore an excellent option for the residential customers. Whether it’s a small apartment or huge building, with our VoIP services, customers can get world-class connectivity at lower prices.

The traditional landline phone companies offer their services with huge costs, including the services charges, taxes along with hidden fees. Our Residential VoIP plans, on the other hand, offer a bundle of benefits at lower costs.

If you switch to our Residential VoIP services, then you can cut your average phone bill by 50%.

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