What is Cloud PBX + 9 Reasons to Switch

Modern SMBs and large companies are moving to networked communications because they are more agile and more flexible when it is time to collaborate and delivering better customer experiences. These solutions are usually very low maintenance and they can interlink with other cloud-based tools to deliver a seamless experience across the organisation.

Cloud hosted PBX systems is a VoIP delivering merged communications without the requirement for physical phone system. This deployment cost significantly less and has a level of flexibility that can’t be matched by many other VoIP like SIP and traditional communications alternatives like ISDN.

What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX, as the name suggests, is entirely built in a cloud environment to offer server access via an internet connection. As a result, companies which use hosted or cloud PBX systems will not need to have a dedicated server to possess web-based telephony in their workplaces. Hosted PBX is a great way for companies to save space and money because traditional servers to get a private branch exchange are expensive and will occupy a great deal of room.

It’s important to be aware that traditional PBX has gained a reputation for being complicated and clunky, which is why cloud-based systems are gaining popularity. Modern virtual PBX solutions are reputable and provide a stable business phone system via the internet.

Let's take a look at 9 reasons to think about upgrading your present system to a digital phone solution.

  1. Quick and Inexpensive Set-up
    If you’re going to be going with a conventional remedy, you can expect a greater cost as you’re going to be paying for costly hardware setup and upkeep. Having a cloud hosted PBX solution, each of the hardware is hosted by the provider, so it’s a simple matter of having headsets aligned with the support.Activ ICT can place most businesses in the cloud just in a day, meaning your team will be up and running very fast.Having a conventional PBX supplier, you are going to need to pay for the service in addition to the upfront cost of renting and maintaining the hardware and desk telephones. Cloud PBX can save you up to 60 percent as compared to traditional on-premise PBX, particularly if you are multi-sited.
  2. Scalability
    Scalability is a substantial reason to switch to your cloud. Providers charge their customers for the quantity of bandwidth that they use. This is a perfect situation for companies which are in flux because adding users or subtracting users is a simple procedure that ensures you only pay for what you use.Prices increase as you scale up, but you will never end up paying for more than you use.
  3. Increased Collaboration
    Hosted Telephony enables better collaboration across your entire company. Various teams can chat, call and do see each other face to face. It removes silo mentality and opens up a new dimension of working.
  4. Call Center Characteristics
    Unified communications add incredible value when your business needs to serve your customers anytime, anywhere. With additional features like call queuing, IVR, reporting, and in-call management attributes, you can provide a much better experience for your customers.
  5. Mobile/Device Friendly
    With remote working in full swing, manyemployees have smartphone apps for the two iOS and Android that enable for cloud PBX features, even on smartphones that have private numbers.Many mobile programs allow attendees to gain access to the full package of features from their mobile devices. This is a perfect way for in-transit lovers to feel completely prepared, even if they don’t have their computers. Because this is internet-based, attendees may also sidestep call fees by employing local intenet to attend meetings and calls.
  6. Automatic Software Updates
    Hosted PABX enables your PABX supplier to forget about the software updates and maintenance. Together with servers being off-premise, your third party vendor will not need to worry about keeping equipment current.Upgrades save both time and money and permit your organization to run more efficiently. Without any software upgrade worries, your team will be free to concentrate on your business goals.
  7. Uptime & SLA Guarantee
    With multiple redundantservers, and hosting the communications for a variety of organizations, the prevalence of downtime is reduced significantly. This is particularly true for those hosted PBX solutions that have redundant network architecture or automated failover routing.This is very useful when natural disasters or other types of events occur in a server location. The application from the supplier will automatically route calls to a different server so that users won’t experience downtime or note there was a problem in any way.
  8. Remote Access
    With cloud PBX, you can access your PABX anywhere you are. Remote access gives you more flexibility with working hours or after hours.Remote access also stores all your programming in the cloud. With Hosted PABX, managed by Activ ICT, you don’t need to rely on physical PABX. It saves you ground area and also ensures your PABX is secure and immediately accessible from anywhere you are.
  9. No Need for Physical Hardware
    If you are likely to go with normal PBX, then you’re likely to need to purchase or rent PBX cabinets that hold the host architecture that you’ll have to make internet-based calls. With cloud hosted PBX systems you would negate the need for this by getting the server system be dispersed in a number of geographic locations (managed by service suppliers ).

So, how can we help?

Activ ICT is a provider which has an all-inclusive offering that offers access to telephone logs, instant messaging, call recording, conferencing, digital numbers, and even fax. These attributes are rolled into a single price and is at a fraction of the cost as compared to using multiple providers for Telephony and Internet Service.

In addition, we can offer fully managed security across the organization that could ensure your business is protected regardless of where your staff is working from.

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