Why Cloud PBX is Better than Traditional PBX

Pabx Phone System

An Introduction to PBX Phone Systems

PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange which is a private business phone system used within business organisations. PBX allows businesses to seamlessly communicate with their customers and within the organisation. PBX uses a range of communication techniques such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and analogue. However, technological advancements in the communications industry have made analogue obsolete and most PBX systems use VoIP and ISDN due to their extended benefits featuring call transferring, call forwarding, call parking, call recording, etc. A PBX phone system can be installed within an organisation or the business can outsource a hosted PBX. Both have their use cases and pros and cons. However, hosted PBX or Cloud PBX have proven to be quite useful and cost effective than traditional in-house PBX systems in many ways.

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Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX

Terms ‘hosted PBX’ and ‘cloud PBX’ are used interchangeably as they’re one and the same thing. In a cloud PBX system, the service provider hosts software and hardware required for setting up the network and connects the handsets or desk phones to the whole system. The organisation is provided with a router for connecting phones and an IP-PBX server for managing calls and signalling. Therefore, the business doesn’t have to worry about setting up a whole lot of equipment and devices required for building the network. And not to mention the maintenance costs, IT support, etc. that a business wouldn’t have to even consider as the service provider takes care of those. Such business telecom service providers charge a monthly fee according to the plan and that’s it.

Why Cloud PBX are Better than Traditional PBX

There are many positives to a Cloud PBX that make it far better than hosted PBX, especially for small businesses.

Low Initial and Overall Costs: Cloud PBX have quite low initial costs as the service provider takes care of all the maintenance and support.The business has the right to choose their network quality and upgrade it if they want. Similarly, the business can also choose what features they want in their network. Service providers usually add or remove features as per the necessities and budget of their clients. This in-turn also determines monthly charges of the plan. In addition, opting for a cloud PBX also does not include any expansion costs as no matter how much a business expands it only has to alter its monthly plan and they’re good to go.

Personalized Services: Since cloud PBX plans are quite flexible in nature, businesses also get the benefit of personalized services. Contrary to the in-house PBX where even the smallest of feature upgrades come with additional costs and equipment, cloud PBX allows customers to only opt for the features that they want, which makes it a highly personalized solution. A great deal for small businesses that require unique solutions to their issues.

Remote Working Benefits: Since Cloud PBX does not require physical connections such as LAN for establishing a system, employees can work from almost anywhere and remain connected to the organization and to their customers. This is also a great scenario for businesses that want to achieve a presence in different geographical areas without being physically present. Companies can hire employees from such areas as they have a better understanding of the work culture, consumer behavior, and local laws, and easily expand their operations. In addition, virtual numbers provided by a cloud PBX phone system can be easily cancelled as per the need of the hour.

Safety and Accessibility: Cloud phone systems are easy to access and use. You only have to connect it to a broadband connection and you are all set. PBX service providers also provide network security services that protect your communication regardless of its location. In today’s digital age, securing your communication is important as even a small disclosure of the crucial information can lead to severe losses. Business can opt for security services provided along with cloud PBX services and keep their network protected

Conclusion : Although many large business organisation across the globe use hosted PBX for more control over their operations and security, cloud PBX still remains a preferred choice for small and mid-sized businesses due to a range of benefits. Also, cloud PBX offers great accessibility and freedom considering today’s increasing remote working culture where employees can perform a majority of operations from the safety of their home. Cloud PBX phone systems offered by Active ICT are quite convenient in terms of their daily operation and they offer great flexibility, mobility and security as well. Active ICT provides complete managed security to the system for protecting it from any type of breach and theft. Even in the situation when a business wishes to migrate its current phone system to hosted PBX, Active ICT offers a smooth transition.d looked after.

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